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Factors You Should Bear in Mind When selling Used Cisco Equipment


There are several tips you should bear in mind when it comes to selling used Cisco equipment to firms such as Net Equity. These tips are discussed at length below and will help you get the best price for this equipment.


First of all, it is required to do your homework which means having an accurate inventory of your used network equipment. This inventory should include writing down the serial numbers of all of your used Cisco equipment, writing down part numbers as well as interfaces that were fixed with the equipment.


Secondly, you will need to take photos of your used networking equipment to make it easier for you to market it. This is important since most buyers of this used Cisco equipment like Net Equity like seeing their photos to verify that they are in good condition.


The third thing you should do is to test the used Cisco equipment from companies who sell old cisco equipment, for instance, you are about to sell. This is to affirm that the equipment is indeed in good condition and because of this also provide a warranty for it. Buyers of this equipment like Net Equity in most instances will offer a good price for Cisco equipment that is tested and has a written warranty as opposed to equipment that is just sold as is.


You should also beware of unscrupulous dealers when selling some of your old Cisco equipment. It is a well-known fact that used Cisco equipment has a huge demand both locally and internationally due to its value, portability, and connectivity. This is why it is recommended always to vet the company willing to buy the equipment before even agreeing to do business with them. Selling to a renowned buyer like Net Equity will help alleviate the risk posed by these unscrupulous buyers that might want to take advantage of you. Know more facts at this website about IT services.


It is also imperative to always keep a record of serial numbers of the used Cisco equipment you have sold to try and mitigate the challenge of unscrupulous buyers that might return equipment you did not sell to them.


In summary, you should always work with professionals whenever you are looking to buy or even sell old Cisco equipment. This will help you get a good price for your equipment from as well as avoid unscrupulous buyers.


For more information regarding selling used Cisco equipment as well as used networking equipment, visit the Net Equity Website on the internet.